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Dr. Rhonda Millikin

I’m a scientist and entrepreneur with a passion for wine. I formed Nativus to help winegrowers deliver quality wine aided by NATIVE plants and wildlife, thereby leaving a legacy of ECOSYSTEM sustainably. To know our approach is truly sustainable, Nativus is linked to the automated (and thus unbiased) monitoring capability of EchoTrack.

What I do

I provide a science-based vineyard management process (database + instruction + standards) that maximizes vineyard health and thus production (quality, margins), by harnessing nature for a self-sustaining solution without chemicals. The difference is detectable as the Native Terroir™.


Assessment. Consulting. Monitoring.



Science-based vineyard management

By inviting a thread of nature through our agricultural lands, we restore the wonder of wildlife into our workday, reconnect our purpose to future generations, and let nature balance the forces we cannot fully engineer.
Innovation is the unique application of observation and experience to a vision for improvement.



Surveying and tracking all airborne wildlife

To know our approach is truly sustainable, we need to monitor the effect.
EchoTrack is the basis for monitoring our effect on ecosystem sustainability. By passively monitoring bird and bat habitat use, we can monitor the recovery of populations, sources of immigration and migration pathways. The vineyard becomes a link to protected areas in the landscape. 

Master Gardeners

I relate this learning to gardens through speaking engagements.

Vineyard Owners

My focus is collaboration and a shared economy by working with hubs of neighbour vineyards. I provide consulting, mentoring, workshops, and soil biology assessments.

Keep In Touch

Please send me a message requesting for services and /or collaboration, potential speaking engagements, questions, and ideas.

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